The solution offers a seamless migration path from magnetic stripe to fully EMV-compliant smart cards by adding the required data processing and key management.

The solution allows the bank to effortlessly introduce EMV to its customers. The immediate availability of the card in the branch enables the bank to educate customers on the spot about the benefits of their new card.

Smart Issuance Technology is able to create a customized design in terms of Kiosk Branding by providing wireframe designs.

Application wise, we are also providing our Clients the desired look and feel of the application. We create wireframe samples for them to understand the flow and once they approves it, our UX team will prepare the original templates based on their branding guidelines and send it for approval again for the final User Acceptance.



We are going through the standard SDLC format of implementation, and we don’t compromise in terms of security or quality of the process. Our development process from concept design to product delivery, follows a system of quality checks for product integrity while managing to execute in a timely and professional manner.



We have 7 phases of processes under our methodology:

The Smart Issuance ICI Master Portal is intended to provide a portal which allows Engineers, Technicians and 3rd Parties (such as CIT companies) access to information pertinent to kiosks and for the operational status and consumable (replenishment) status that are updated in accordance with site visits. We also acts as the application layer enabling communication between all parties in the operational chain of the smart issuance solution.

Access to the Smart Issuance ICI Master will be protected by secure encrypted username and password. This security feature will offer a structured hierarchical level of access ranging from full control to approved Engineers to view only status and specific functionality for 3rd parties such as CIT companies. Features / Options will be available in accordance with the configured access level.

Smart Issuance, we understand that there is much more to kiosk apps than just configuring a device to run in “kiosk mode”. Smart Issuance offers custom kiosk software development and a broad range of off-the-shelf solutions. Our Kiosk solutions are flexible, adaptable and user-friendly. The software underneath is aesthetically pleasing , emphasizes on user experience, easy to use, interactive and render all services a human service will offer.

We can develop robust self-service kiosk applications for a range of solutions requiring complex logic.


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