ICI Master

(Instant Card Issuance Master)

ICI Master System will represent the most powerful and flexible kiosk management system on the market. Scalable, adaptable and configurable it can meet the requirements of any kiosk estate whether small and growing or large and established.

It hosts embedded maintenance tools providing real-time kiosk and integrated peripheral analysis in addition to an automated system alert and alarm management meaning highest availability and operational service levels.

Complete Monitoring & Management Portal with the following features;

    Multiple locations

    Kiosk Management System is designed to monitor and maintain kiosks running at various locations.

    Transaction Monitoring

    The portal is a solution to the client that enables information and transactions at all your kiosk networks with monitoring, alert and troubleshooting facility from the location of your choice ensuring trouble-free kiosk operation.

    Asset Monitoring

    The portal provides the client with kiosk monitoring, management and reporting for kiosk related hardware, devices and services.

    Realtime feed

    The portal provides real-time information on each kiosk & immediate status alerts if a kiosk needs attention.


    The portal manages proactive monitoring and usage analysis for your kiosk networks from the location of your choice and ensures trouble-free kiosk operation.


    Reduces the possibility of kiosks crashing and hanging and helps in 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week active automated kiosk monitoring of all events that occur on each kiosk.

    Smart Alerts

    Verify the status of all monitored devices and find out at a glance where problems have occurred along with Status alert helps quick problem solving through remote administration or by a dispatched technician

    Remote Management

    Remote administration also helps to manage and update kiosk functionality.

    Other Benefits

    The kiosk monitoring system provides all management information required to manage and operate a kiosk estate

    • All kiosks securely connected directly into the KMS via LAN or mobile network
    • All Kiosks connected to real-time reporting engine
    • Manned 24/7 operations centre
    • PCI-DSS resilient hosted environment
    • Asset tracking / stock management system
    • Cash collection management and reconciliation
    • EMV card replenishment management system
    • Transactional reconciliation and reporting
    • Automated alert system (email and SMS) with managed escalation matrix.